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Shine your light on the darkness

Quotes inside The Light Within You Book


Each of us has a story to tell and the world deserves to hear it so become the author of your life.GS


Decide you want your dream more than it scares you and let that be your ultimate ‘why’.GS


Do the things you know you want to do without any hesitation, it feels right for a reason. It’s better to reflect back on what you’ve achieved than to grow old with regret about the possibilities that you once chose to abandon.GS


Believed by most, wisdom comes with age… true power lies in the knowledge of knowing that learning has no age limit.GS


Curiosity is the key to life. Keep asking questions and open up the door to a whole world of possibility.GS

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  • Gemma’s eloquence and adept, crafted, content gave a voice to my inner most thoughts. Almost as though it was my own spirit writing and resonating deep within. Well done Gemma and thank you.

    Lady Ann Westcott-Walker

    British Intelligence Negotiation, strategy, risk & threat.
  • Gemma’s words are empowering people in various stages of their life to understand how they can manage their balance between positivity and negativity. She has great insight into how we think and can find those silver linings during difficult times.

    Sanchari Roy

    Investment Marketing Professional
  • Gemma’s words are empowering and enlightening. They have helped me to try and become more positive within self and my attitude towards others.

    Ronnie Brown

    Teacher in Education
  • Gemma’s offering will be a treasure trove of advice and help to those who venture inside her words. Gemma’s insights on using positive thoughts to forge a path through life are inspiring.

    Jacqueline Lewis

    Teacher BSc PGCE
  • Gemma’s words are empowering and enlightening. Her inspiration shines through her positive words and I feel this book will benefit many people looking for a new way to approach their lives and passions.

    Chrissy Sykes

    Creator of the My Body Is My Body Programme
  • If you are looking for a book that is written by someone who actually ‘walks the walk’ then this is it. Gemma, a shining star in the world of Humanitarianism, shares her secrets for success through using what you already have… and gives easy to follow steps on how to attract more of the things you want and deserve!

    Cara Templeton

    EAL Teacher, Chiang Mai (Thailand)
  • In reviewing Gemma’s book, I am reminded of the importance of keeping my heart clean, filled with love and an awareness of truth – that which is eternal. With truth and love inside, my vibrations reach my heart, head and vision which are all connected. Whatever I hold in my heart enters my head and affects my thinking. And, in turn, whatever I am thinking becomes visible in my eyes.

    Roy Martin

    Lead CoMeCon at PPFA Limited
  • Who says we can’t change the world? Gemma does a wonderful job in helping people to see positivity and hope when they are in a state of self-doubt and negativity. The ability to appreciate we all come with different things to be grateful for and we all have something amazing to give. Keep being the sunshine on a rainy day

    Ms Saeeda Ahmed

    UNGSII Ambassador Founder of a number of ethical businesses
  • The title of Gemma’s book is enough to want to open and read it! Her whole ethos is about the betterment of others and her words are so empowering and uplifting. Life can throw many a curve ball in our direction and it is how we choose to react or respond to them that matters. Gemma’s book will certainly help you be able to do just that and continue your journey towards your best self.

    Jacqui Goss

    Arbonne Independent Consultant and Managing Partner of Yes!RESULTS
  • We all have a light within us, we just need to feed it in order to keep it shining bright. Gemma’s words empower us to harness that light in order to be the very best we can be.

    Dr. RS Karim, Director

    Veritas Centre for Strategic Studies, London.
  • Gemma’s words are empowering and enlightening in a World rapidly forgetting the power of positive attitudes and simple kindness to others. In essence, Gemma’s argument is that positivity gives us agency, and that kindness benefits both all of us and the wider World. A compelling evidence base drawn from personal experience completes the picture, and we are left with the inescapable conclusion that Love and Light can save the World. Simply profound, and profoundly simple!

    Dr Chris Kennett

    Principal Lecturer in Music
  • She shares her insights, guiding you step by step on how to be the best you can be, achieving health, happiness, and success. When you read Gemma’s book, you’ll feel inspired, if you act on what you read, I’ll repeat that because this is the important part, if you ACT on her words you’ll create magic that makes dreams come true. Thank you, Gemma, for turning your thoughts into action and creating your beautiful book “The Light Within You”. I know that you will help others to sparkle too, like the brilliant star you are.

    Simone Segal

    Researcher, writer, poet, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker, TV Presenter, Author of "The Gift if only you knew"
  • This book is one that would serve as a life manual for anyone who reads and truly reflects on what is herein. Gemma’s words help the mind to discover one’s inner passion and lights the way for our purpose in life. The insight and knowledge readers will get from this book will open up more doors for them to operate at their highest potential. I recommend this book without equivocation because, Gemma’s words are empowering and enlightening, teaching one how to use the principles of gratitude and magnetism to create a happy and more fulfilled life.

    Loretta Oduware Ogboro-Okor

    Author My Father’s Daughter and Global Goodwill Ambassador
  • Gemma’s words are enlightening and thought-provoking. This is a “must have” book for all those people who are struggling to achieve exactly what they want to achieve – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

    Helen Meredith

  • Gemma is an inspirational lady. Her gift of words dances across the page with flair and grace. Gemma has been a true inspiration to me personally with her empowering and uplifting words to enhance one’s life journey one positive step at a time.

    Carol Harte

    Support Worker, Global Goodwill Ambassador UK Time to Change Champion
  • We all have a light within us, we just need to feed it in order to keep it shining bright. Gemma’s words empower us to harness that light in order to be the very best we can be.

    Dr. RS Karim

    Director, Veritas Centre for Strategic Studies