Reflective me-time

Today I felt the urgency to reflect, so I thought I’d share my reflections with you all: I am making big plans for the future of The Light Within You. Am I going to stop at one book? Certainly not! Not just that, but my website is nearly finished and I’m ready to launch. The Second Edition of The Light Within You will be here soon AND I will be launching a YouTube channel in the foreseeable future. I am also looking into recording an audiobook version of The Light Within You over the next month or so.

Internally, I have been suffering from a few emotional traumas, but I’m determined to not let those moments and fears define me. I care rigorously about those around me – especially my family – and it can be hard watching others make choices that hurt and upset me (knowing just how powerless I am over creating change makes it even worse and often unbearable to cope with). With all of that going on, I have been spending a lot of time recently digging deep and nurturing my soul, trying to heal parts of me that are broken. This is a gradual process, life-long in fact. Therefore, I have decided to pass forward what I have learned recently from my sponsor. Being in recovery from co-dependency, it is important that we share what we have learned to pay it forward and help someone else. In order to keep what I have, I must give it to others. So I sent out the signal, and my prayers have been answered.

As the Chair for the UK Global Goodwill Ambassadors, I am looking forward to launching the Love, Light and Positivity course in January 2021. Developing a course with like-minded individuals has been an educational and inspiring journey, to say the least. Voluntarily teaching others and inspiring them to become their best selves is going to be rewarding: again, it is important that we share what we have and support one another. We have decided that ANYBODY can take our course – not just humanitarians and GGA members – because we believe that it is important that this course is readily available for ALL. I will share more information about this nearer the time (at the start of 2021). Being a humanitarian and being kind to others is what I live for.

On Monday, I will be donating huge amounts of goods to a local Food Bank to support starving families – it is essential that we think of others throughout these days of celebrations (even if it is all being affected by the global pandemic, we can still play our small part in it). I have realised that making a difference, no matter how small it is, is still making a difference.

I am so grateful for my career as a teacher: yesterday my PGCE qualification (that I took as an additional top-up to my QTS) arrived in the post. I am now the Reading/English Lead at my school and giving back to my children on a daily basis is what makes my life so worthy and valuable. Children are a blessing: they continually remind me to be a child, the very child I once was, and to not take life so seriously all of the time. Their innocence touches my heart; empathy lies at the core of who I am and what I represent to my children.

Don’t let moments of trauma and the challenges in your life define you: instead use these moments to learn lessons, to grow positively, and to ultimately become the person that you were meant to be (the very BEST version of your SELF).

Love, light, faith, peace, positivity and kindness to you all today and always x